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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Lost in Space

Where on earth has all the time gone ? It seems that it is flying right on by, and at the same time I am running out of time... has someone cut the hours in a day to 15 and not told me ?
something is definitely missing... I am LOST I tell ya... LOST.. I cant seem to figure out what is happening in my life...
I guess it all started in January (yep the New Years resolutions) I decided it was time to get everything in check !!
So started a bit of a healthy eating scheme and so far I have managed to shed almost THREE stone ! HOW ? I dont really know to be honest, but I have...
Then decided to maintain the weight loss by starting Kick Boxing... I know there are muscles that are not used all the time... but after attending these sessions I now realise just how many !! after one particularly gruelling session that concentrated on the butt, I felt like I had been anally shafted by 'mr big' from HMP !!
Then decided the next order of the day was to stop being the other woman (after 5 years) I decided that it was time that I moved on and played a little harder ! (so to speak)...!! and oh am I playing hard !
So in a nutshell, I have been working on 'me' for a while.. oh how selfish am I ?
Now my challenge is to get back to bloggin and my cyber friends...
So hello again guys and I hope to see more of you in the coming months..

have fun and as always keep breathing....xx
loves ya all

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Asti in the sun

Just wanted to wish you all a good weekend,,,,,, tonight I am flying out to Italy for a company expences weekend to Bari......... oh bring me the Asti and show me the sun.........
I will raise a glass to you all, ha ha, I am sorry but I just had to let you all know how excited I am to spend another weekend in the beautiful country of Italy.
ciao4now xx

Monday, 7 May 2007

Family Bank.....

This weekend it was my dear mums SURPRISE birthday party..... for me it was a case of, NO, its that family thing..!! I have a deep rooted terror of family get togethers... not because we argue or fight or the fact that there would be line dancing, no nothing like that, I just dont know these people....why ?
Its that split family thing, the divorced parents, my stepdad has five children, my mum has my brother and me... so in total there are the seven of us.... so when mum and stepdad got together there was the usual family divide.
At the time I was 11, my bro was 10, then there was D she was 15, R he was 13, T she was 11 (and in my year at school) L she was 4, and finally E he was six months old.....

Bro and me lived with the newly formed parents and the other 5 stayed with their mother... this of cause had endless problems.
New parents then decided to move to another town, I say town, there were 5 other houses and the nearest shop was 3 miles away, so we were away from our dad, our friends and everything else that was familiar, then to hurt a little more we had to spend the first 18months living in a caravan while the house was made habitable.
I can not begin to tell you how it feels for a girl trying to find her path in life to live in a caravan with a man I hated (strong word but this was how I felt at the time) and also learn to deal with five other children that had all of a sudden become family. I didnt know how to cope....D, R + T were people that I had previously spent time with, we all swam for the same club and travelled together to swimming galas, our parents met at the swimming pool... so I blamed myself for the split between my mum and dad.... that is how it felt at the time. It also became difficult to spend time with D R + T, it all of a sudden felt uncomfortable...
This was when I became the child from hell, I tried everything to split this new family up and get my mum back with my dad.
I was the black sheep, I was constantly in trouble.... that way my mum had to talk to my dad...it didnt work obviously, but I still hated my stepdad with a passion. At 16 I took the first opportunity and left for London, then two years later joined the RAF and never went back home again for the next 7 years, I had no contact with any of the family members at all.

So back to the party, D didnt attend, (so I havent seen her, it must be 20 years since the last time) T was there with her husband and 2 boys, I have seen her intermittantly and it was good to see her, R was there with his wife and daughter, his daughter is now 16 last time I saw her she was 3, L didnt attend was sick, E was there, the last time I saw E he was 13 years old.....he is 27, no I didnt recognise him, and he didnt recognise me, but once we got together, there was no stopping us, we had so much to say.
We line danced together and did some country dancing, had some drinks and laughed together for the first time as adults....after the party we (my bro, R and wife, E and girlfriend) then went clubbing together, I eventually got to my hotel at 5 in the morning. I didnt want the night to end...
So to finish, it may have been my mums surprise party, but I think I also had a surprise, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed spending time with my family... I WILL see them again, and I wont leave it so long to see them again.
My family are not so bad after all......xx

Thursday, 3 May 2007

time to spill (part 2)

Hello again
so here we go with a few more snippets of me.......

9/ I have hardly ever been called by my real name, and have always been blessed (or cursed) with nick-names, my family and friends from school days always call me Het, and then I got given two nick names in the RAF, the first was scammel... which had something to do with certain features sticking out like scammel wheel nuts, and the second was quickfit (I always liked to think it was because as the advert says " you cant get better than a quickfit fitter") but alas this was not the case !!

10/ I have visited 27 countries but by far my favourite destination is Jamaica

11/ My dream is to open a tickle shop (no thats not a 'special tickle' kinda shop) but just a bulk standard relaxation tickle shop..

12/ When I was 13 I got caught stealing a cadbury's creame egg and got driven through the town and then back to school in a police car !! oh the shame

13/ My biggest burn was swimming and I trained twice a day seven days a week for almost 17 years and competed for my country in Canada... I came 7th out of 8... but hey I was there.

14/ I didnt touch alcohol until I was 19 and in the RAF (as number 13 was more important)

15/ Once I discovered number 14 there was no stopping me and I inherited the title of ' champion bar drinking gamer'. I still know and play some of these now on crazy nights.... from the tame games like Bunnies and Father Abraham right the way through to the specialist drinking games of.... high level bombing run and the VERY notorious 'Freckles'.

16/ I have my hair cut or coloured every six weeks, and change the style or colour every time, what the heck, its grows back !!

anyway I have covered another 8 points and will get to 100 eventually I guess

ciao4now everyone xx

Friday, 27 April 2007

POWER Pramming.........

Came across this advertisment the other day for ' power pramming '.
I am willing to give anything a go.. (well most things...) so I thought, oh yea, I am going to try this, what a fab way to keep fit, no sweaty gyms, but plenty of fresh air and sight seeing.
Yes indeedy thats the way to go........

So out came the joggers and on went the nikes, decided it would be better to wear a t-shirt and a training top as was unsure how much like hard work this was going to be.
Best to warm up before me thinks, as I decided I would wholeheartedly put everything into this power pramming.
Found a place on the corner of a busy street and started my warm up, ordered three double brandys and downed them one after the other, the instant warmth was amazing from the inside out, but thought I also should warm my leg muscles, so ordered another brandy and climed off and on the bar stool 5 times before drinking the final brandy....
OK suitably warmed up now and ready to go go go, I thought that now would be the best time to do some physical checks on the pram before taking it through rigorous power play, so checks as follows

1/ handle grips in place
2/ wheels attached and fully inflated
3/ hood folded back for maximum aerodynamics
4/ safety restraint tight enough to keep child in place
5/ child sleeping comfortably
6/ brakes functioning

Right then, everything is in place, I am warmed up and raring to go..... so grabbing the pram firmly by the handles and we are off, setting off at a mega speed ..... lets put it this way Roger Bannister would have been impressed, avoiding drain covers and dog poop,

I reached the end of the street, left turn, these three wheel things are easy to drive, long straight road, moving into top power pramming mode now, oh yes, feeling the wind in my hair as I whizz along..... for some reason there seems to be a lot of people doing this power thing, there are a bunch of people behind me all going as fast as me, they dont all have prams but I guess the principal is the same, however they are all shouting, cant quite hear what they are shouting though as the need to keep my eyes front to avoid dog poop connection is imperative and much more important..... this road is busy, turn left and see two policemen coming towards me, so I slow down as they are running quite fast, they get to me and yell at me to step away from the pram, I do this instantly, one grabs the pram and the other grabs me and slaps on the cuffs....... at this point the other group of people have turned up and are shouting abuse at me....... Well how was I to know that you are supposed to do this 'powerpramming' with your own child and your own pram, it didnt say anything about that when I read it.............all it said was grab a pram and away you go..... so I did.

It looks like this is another sporting activity that is going to pass me by......... :-(

please note : that not all of this post is fact, as obviously I would never wear nike trainers and do not like the taste of brandy....

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

time to spill

Ok its been a while now and the usual thing it seems is that you have to publish a few facts about yourself..... so ok, I am not gonna buck the trend, but there is NO way I can do 100 (or 102 you know who you are lol !!) all in one go, so I am gonna do a few every week.....

1/ I am an ESSEX girl, and have suffered for it ever since.......but only because I don't have the blonde hair, white stiletto's and not a chance am I dancing around anyones handbag ! I dont even have the accent anymore...thankfully !

2/ I had the perfect childhood from years 0 - 11, then I hit senior school and my parents split and I went totally into 'Wild child mode ' ....... this has been tamed slightly (and I mean slightly) in my aging years but I still have a long way to go...

3/ I love childish things, I still go flying kites, I still bump down the stairs on my 'arris' , I can often be found doing forward rolls and handstands in my living room....... this is not for show as I can assure you that I actually do these things when I am alone, they make me happy and make me laugh !!

4/ I was once married to the perfect guy, he asked for nothing and never questioned my actions, we had 15 bridesmaids and 12 pageboys, the vicar was a 'mrs vicar' and the music was provided by a choir....... to this day I am still destroyed about the fact that we never even got to kiss before the ' end of playtime ' bell sounded and we all had to resume lessons. I was 7.

5/ I can not eat liver, kidneys, or the fat on bacon........ it makes me shudder to even contemplate putting this near my mouth....... there are other things I wouldnt put near my mouth.......... but not going there.

6/ I also can not see/hear/look at anyone brushing their teeth, this has me instantly running from the room and heading for the nearest exit at a huge rate of knots, it is disgusting and reminds me of rabies or something...........aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

7/ I have a burn on my wrist that I got when I was 2 years old, my mum was heating milk for my brothers bottle and I turned the gas off just as the milk boiled over the pan, I had a woolen jumper on that stuck to the burnt skin and to this day I can trace the pattern of the wool on my skin...

(not sure you can see the scar)

8/ I am funloving and care free, I live every day for what it is, I make the most of every day, I laugh, I smile and I have fun (yeah of cause I have bad days) but then I have the next day to look forward to, and my glass is ALWAYS ALWAYS half full !!

anyway I think thats enough of my rubbish for this week, but I will carry on regardless soon enough !!


Monday, 23 April 2007

Never kid ya Mam.....

Mums are always smarter for sure !!

Amanda invited her mother over to her house for dinner. Over the course of the evening, Amanda's mum started to wonder if there was more between Amanda and her roommate (Sandy) than met the eye. She had long been suspicious of her daughter's sexuality, and watching them interact made her more curious. Reading her mum's thoughts, Amanda volunteered, "I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you, Sandy and I are just roommates."
About a week later, Sandy came to Amanda and said, "Ever since your mother came to dinner, I've been unable to find my favorite drinking cup. You don't suppose she took it, do you?"
Amanda saidd, "Well, I doubt it, but I'll write her a letter just to be sure." So she sat down and wrote: "Dear Mother, I'm not saying you 'did' take a drinking cup from my house, and I'm not saying you 'did not' take a drinking cup.

Several days later, Amanda received a letter from her mother which read: "Dear Daughter, I'm not saying that you 'do' sleep with Sandy, and I'm not saying that you 'do not' sleep with Sandy. But the fact remains that if she was sleeping in her own bed, she would have found the drinking cup by now.....

How come mums always know ?